Memories are self owned, it can be converted into fortunes when groomed very well. Our ability to trace our experiences and make great things out of it is golden. Baking your memories gives you access to the amazing stories of your life, and good stories can impact and change people’s lives and also make you a fortune.

But memories are kept in the mind’s vault, and needs to be unlocked at will. But to be able to bake and unlock 🔑  your memories at will you need to be connected with your mind.   And you build this connection through meditation 🧘‍♀️ when you meditate you connect with infinite power (God).
The power your mind posses are unlimited, You can’t explore it all because you are a finite being but your mind can connect with the infinite through meditation to make you a force to reckon with. There are super memories that can only be pulled out in a state of stillness and calmness.

Baking memories is the ability to keep your positive experiences alive and fresh, and at the same time not allowing it to dictate your future but serve as a tool or fuel towards your pursuit.
Cultivating a good relationship with the mind person requires you spending time with it through meditation, imaginations, and thoughts.
There are memories that we may not be able to pull out except through the effect of  meditation. Keeping your thoughts alive is paramount to your success, because everything you see materialized today was once a thought. And ideas are processed through thoughts.

I am on a 22hrs road trip from Maryland to Minnesota, as a matter of fact; I wrote this blog on this road trip. As we drove i observed the beautiful nature along the way; the trees, mountains, rivers, limestone quarry, etc… and most especially the beautiful humans. My heart was full of gratitude, seeing all these beautiful things and meeting all these Amazing people is a memory I will cherish all my life.
We are blessed beyond imagination, with unlimited capacity, but one way we can tap into that is through connection with infinite intelligence(God). Just to be clear am not here to preach religion so it could be whatever you believe in. But I am a strong believer in God.

Just know this; our ability to bake our memories and keep it alive and fresh permits us to appreciate and also be creative. So learn that habit today, it is worth a fortune…

Please I plead with everyone eligible to vote to please go and vote, and may God give us a great leader. Thank you!

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