It is important we understand that you can never become a person of influence, without first becoming a person of value. Your ability to solve a problem doesn’t automatically make you a person of value, it simple means you are intelligent enough to solve that problem. The world might be looking for problem solvers, but mankind need and are looking for people of value. Some intelligent people are not people of value. Our values must reflect the principles or natural laws of life.

The world always measure values extrinsically, this is why; Even in the academic world, an individual value is interpreted through or by comparison. Example; An individual with an “A” is defined as more valuable than an individual with a “C”. There is no recognition given to the intrinsic values. Competition is a very wrong way to measure values. Many of us have been eaten up by the competitive world out there, that we pay less or no attention to our intrinsic values. Just like i said earlier; Our values must reflect the proven principles or natural laws of life. Because these principles can’t be changed, they remain the same with or without us adhering to them. So when our values doesn’t reflect or align with these principles the consequences are inevitable.

Stephen R. Covey said; “Values govern your behaviour, but principles govern the consequences of those behaviour”. He went further and said; “Values are internal and subjective and represent that which we feel strongest about in guiding our behaviour”. This means our beliefs play a strong role in the values we possess. Once and again, i have heard Dr Myles Munroe said; “That you don’t chase success, when you chase success you will never find it. When you become a person of value, you attract success”. Explaining this deeply, it means when you become a person of value you have the power to create or produce success or wealth. Extrinsically you chase success, intrinsically you attract success. This is why intrinsic values will always outweigh and outlive competition. Intrinsic values makes you a person of significance.

You might be wondering what is the difference. Extrinsic values has to do with by-products, with what you are worth outwardly, like; high earnings, fame, luxury cars and other expensive materials and so on.. While intrinsic values include; morals, honesty, kindness, integrity, humility etc…. One basic thing to note about intrinsic values is; it focuses on bettering others and affecting them positively, but extrinsic values focuses on self.

One intrinsic value i will like to talk about more is INTEGRITY; the reason is because i still struggle with this value. INTEGRITY is very complex, it is very fundamental in possessing other values. INTEGRITY goes beyond honesty. Honesty is telling the truth. In the words of Stephen Covey—> Honesty is conforming our words to reality, while integrity is conforming reality to our words—-> In other words, keeping promises and fulfilling expectations.

INTEGRITY is one value that attracts other values. I work on myself daily to possess and keep this value. A man of integrity can never die un-noticed, am not talking about fame, am talking about influence, impact, positive footprint. Although every value is as useful as another, but if there is one value am asked to pursue my entire life, that would be INTEGRITY.

I want you to take this word to heart; Intrinsic values attracts Abundance mentality, and abundance mentality opens you up to possibilties, creativity, wisdom and many more…

Just imagine for 5mins the person you could become knowing you operate with abundance mentality. Next week we will teach more about values and how it relates to our mind person for effectiveness. STAY TUNED AND PLEASE SUBCRIBE AND SHARE. THANK YOU.

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    Integrity is an intrinsic value that attracts other values. A man of integrity can go unnoticed.

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