AS FAR AS YOUR EYE CAN SEE; (Genesis 13:14)

This verse of the scripture wasn’t referring to our physical eyes, although the context of the scripture might be indicating that God asked Moses to look with his physical eyes to the north, south, east and west. But you need to understand this; that our physical eyes can only see but little and limited, but there is no limit in what our mind’s eye can see. The farther you look, the farther you see….

In my observation and research, I discovered that although most people are familiar with the term; “mind’s eye” they don’t actually identify with the power it possesses, and as a result of that, they are ignorant of powerful role it plays towards achieving their life purpose. THIS IS HOW IS WORKS; READ THIS VERY SLOWLY; YOUR MIND’S EYE SEES AND PRODUCES MENTAL PICTURES (IMAGINATION) AND THOSE MENTAL PICTURES BEGETS THOUGHTS, AND THOSE THOUGHTS ARE TRANSFERRED TO YOUR BRAIN FOR PROCESSING AND EXECUTION. But because the brain is the negotiator in our physical being, it always negotiates every thought passed unto it from the mind. The reason is because that’s how the brain is wired, emotions runs in there and it’s an organ. If you will recall any time you have a fresh thought or a virgin idea, there’s always two voices speaking to you; one that is telling you that you can do it, you have what it takes(mind) and the other telling you all the reasons why it can’t be done(brain or emotion). Most of us normally think especially we christians that it is the devil telling us we can’t do it. SNAP OUT OF IT; that is not the devil, devil is not omnipresent, you invite him through your thoughts. Because he is attracted to negativity, so when you allow the negativity side to dominate, you attract him.

Now back to our question; How clear and strong is your mind’s eye? Before you answer that question is very imperative to understand where it resides. The mind’s eye resides in the subconscious. It is called subconscious because no one is fully aware of its power or operations yet, but still it influences our actions and feelings. Our mind’s eye can see even when we are asleep. This is why sometimes when you are trying to solve a difficult problem with your brain, and you become exhausted and discouraged because you can’t arrive at the solution. When you let go of that problem from your brain, it will begin to sink, as though it were moving downward inside of you. Although the problem is still on your consciousness, if you finally fall asleep and then wake up later or the next morning and then think again about the problem. And all of a sudden the solution appears as a mental picture fully solved, even with directions for actions. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?

Although you were asleep, your mind’s eye was still searching for the solution to that problem, and it finally did found it. This is why HUMAN is and will still be the most powerful force God created, because He made us in His image, that’s why somethings are still mystery to us, even till date with all the whole scientist, psychologist, geniuses, etc in the world.

All these things I explained earlier happens many times without you observing it. SO the first step in getting your mind’s eye clearer and stronger is KEEN OBSERVATION. Whenever similar things as I explained above happens, whether it is solving a problem, new ideas, or settling a dispute with great wisdom. Try as much as possible to rethink that process and observe that moment the transition happened and document it if possible. It will not only help your mind’s eye become more stronger, it will make you become more aware of yourself.

This is not something you neglect, because one discipline affects the others. When you train your mind’s eye to be clearer and stronger, it will affect the quality of your mental picture, —> the quality of your thoughts,—> then the quality of your life. Example; Just like you first see a mental picture of your house before it is built physically. Your mind’s eye saw the whole picture, then you explained it to your architect, he puts it down on a paper in form of drawing. So the quality of what your mind’s eye saw will determine the quality of the house you will build. This is not about capital, many people with much capital still build ugly houses. IS ABOUT THE QUALITY OF WHAT YOU SEE, AND THE QUALITY OF WHAT YOU SEE IS DETERMINED BY THE STRENGTH OF YOUR MIND’S EYE.

Reading also develops the mind’s eye, the greater you read, the more your subconscious is stimulated. And the mind’s eye resides in the subconscious. Again always dare to do those things that seem impossible, those things your brain tells you can’t be done. Dare to do them, even if you fail. It strengthens your mind’s eye. The reason why this is very important is; the life you desire is first shown to or seen by your mind’s eye, before it is actualized. So the quality of your mind’s eye determines the quality of what it sees, and that determines the quality of your life.


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