There’s always this peace that is tied to every life’s purpose. There’s always this harmony that you experience when you step into the shoes of destiny. When you put on the hand bag of mission and embrace the flow of vision, your life becomes meaningful and worth-living.

Amazing is the life we have, but much more amazing is the life itself. Because even when our own lives end here, life itself still exist. So if our mission or purpose dies when our lives ends here on earth, that is a premature living. It simply means that we didn’t serve a mission or purpose greater than ourselves. Every of our lives’ purpose is a continuation of or is meant to advance the greater purpose or will of our Creator;The Almighty God. That’s why, if there’s one thing the enemy fights against, it is making sure we don’t fulfill our purpose or serve our missions here on earth. But when you finally found that purpose and with commitment pursue it, it helps you build psychological safety and trust. This is the reason why men like; Nelson Mandela; (The South African anti-apartheid revolutionary), Dr Martin Luther King Jr; (The activist and leader Civil Rights Movement), Nikolai Vavilov ; ( The Russian and Soviet agronomist, botanist and geneticist, who helped sustained global population from starving by preserving and improving cereal crops.) These men and the likes served a mission greater than self, thereby willing to live and die for it. This made them develop Psychological confidence, safety and trust.

Remember last week we talked about the first step in developing psychological safety and trust. I humbly advice that you go read that if you haven’t already, for greater understanding and plus there’s a lot of value to gain from it. HONESTY TO SELF still remains the first step in developing psychological safety and trust. The second step is what we are dealing with today; which is the believe and commitment to serve and advance a purpose greater than self. It is very important to understand that the end of our lives is often the beginning of something new, we die in order to give birth to something new. As contradictory as these words may sound, it is true. The purpose of a seed is to become a tree and bear fruits, but that can’t happen until it is planted or buried, it has to die to give birth. The confidence of a seed lies in the tree and fruits it produces, Likewise our psychological certitude is dependent on our understanding of the purpose or mission we are here to serve or advance. Nothing brings peace and joy and builds extreme psychological confidence in a man than knowing that he is serving a just cause greater than himself. If you doubt any of these, I suggest you study the life of George Washington. Am not saying we all can serve his type of mission, but we all can serve our mission with similar mindset. When we approach a mission or pursue a purpose that doesn’t just advance our lives, but advances life itself, it breeds mental confidence. And also having that mindset that even when our lives ends, life itself still exist helps us pour our all into life knowing that it lives on. All this will create an unexplainable psychological safety and trust within us, And no longer can we be influenced or controlled by external substance.

We all deserve to feel safe not just physically, but psychologically. All these anxiety disorder, depression, inferiority complex, and other mental retardation are weights we accepted ourselves. All these jealousy, strife, pride, un-forgiveness, unhealthy competitions, divisions and wars are weights we brought upon ourselves. We concentrate so much on our lives, that we forget the existence of life itself. Life itself is meant to inspire us, in order to serve and advance the greater purpose of God and not ours. The end of one’s life is not the end of life itself, so why waste your limited time here on earth carrying so much weight that makes you feel unsafe. Your finite life was created to serve the infinite life. I want you to Ponder on that word. Read through this blog again and again till it sinks in, so you can enjoy psychological safety and trust. You deserve to lead a successful, meaningful and fulfilled life. Thank you!

If you are still struggling with feeling unsafe psychologically, if you see yourself battling different mental retardations, now is a good time to reach out and seek for help. I did some time ago and my life was transformed, you don’t have to live like that any longer. I promise you there’s a better way and a better life. We are not meant to slave all our lives, You deserve a great and meaningful life and it’s not too late. Contact us;

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