Just as your body needs exercise and not just food to be strong and healthy, so does your mind needs exercise too, not just food(knowledge) to grow and be active. Just like i pointed out in last week blog post; knowledge is the food the mind person feeds on, but application of that knowledge is how you exercise your mind(problem solving). In a world of chaos and crisis, the mind person is designed to be attracted and exposed to those chaos and crisis and then focus on solutions.

This is how it happens, when your mind person feeds your brain with information, ideas, solutions or innovations through images and thoughts, and your brain rejects it or fail to act upon them because of fear, anxiety, inferiority complex or any other excuses. That automatically diminishes the power of the mind person. Jim Rohn would say; “The best time to act on an idea is when it is hot”. Your mind person see possibilities, your brain see obstacles, that’s how humans are designed. Your brain play too careful, but your mind play the risk. So the good relationship between the mind and the body depends on your ability to understand this and learn how to balance it. This is the reason why the brain(body) reacts to stress or crisis because it can’t see pass the present situation, but the mind person responds to stress or crisis because it sees beyond the present situation.

When you listen to your mind person and push through stress or crisis, you build and develop an internal immunity making the mind person stronger and smarter. But when you shy away from problems, allowing fear and anxiety to rule, you cause the mind person to be retarded. There is always a good relationship between the mind and the body when you don’t allow anxiety, fear or negativity to rule your mind, but rather act fast on the ideas or information your mind person pass through to your brain. You must seize the power of NOW. Don’t be afraid of failure, the mind person grows through failure too. Your ability to be successful in life centers around your mind and body relationship.

Note this; Your brain is an organ in your body, so it is designed not to respond to stress but react to it. Stress releases high levels of Cortisol that can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly, stress can kill brain cells and has a shrinking effect on the Prefrontal Cortex, that area of the brain responsible for memory and learning. So don’t beat yourself up next time when you have anxiety or panic attack during stress or crisis, all you need to do is stay calm and listen to your mind person and not your brain. Your mind is not an organ, so it can’t be controlled by minerals, chemicals or sensations in your body, but your brain can. So approach situations with your mind and not your brain, and allow the mind person to do its work, then you will enjoy a good mind and body relationship.

I want you to digest this very well, next week we will talk about what repels the mind person and how to control those things. STAY TUNED.

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