The purpose of a balanced diet is to provide important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep your body and mind healthy and strong. To allow adequate growth and to ward off diseases and health complications. For a minute; Imagine these advantages, and benefits, and then imagine how it will hugely benefit you if you feed your mindset the balanced diet IT REQUIRES.

Apparently you might be wondering, what are mindset diets? But before I answer that, I want to establish some points; –> Physiology affects psychology, so in your quest for the diets for the mind, the diets for the body shouldn’t be neglected. You get the best out of the diets if both are in proper usage.

Mindset is the number one thing that separates the rich from the poor, the great from the small or common. (They are called small because they are small minded) The ability to grow your mind determines on the diets you feed it. When I introduced this movement; “THE MIND AS A PERSON” the purpose was to send or paint a clearer picture on how important it is to understand and manage your mind just like a person. To understand that it has needs, it grows, and it needs to be taking care of. In order to maximize the unlimited capabilities embedded in your mind, you need to consciously and intentionally engage its power by feeding it..

Our realities are the reflection of our thoughts and imaginations, so when we are handicapped, (financial handicap, career handicap, business handicap, health handicap, spiritual handicap.. and so on…) Those are as a result of the malnutrition of the mind.

I was unable to finish high school as a young adult due to the financial meltdown that hit my parents in 2004, I was only able to enroll in a cheap private lesson in order to sit for my WAEC Exams (popularly known as GED or High School Diploma here in the States) I have always had interest in LAW, I wanted to be a lawyer because I love the way they defend people, and I also like arguments and facts.. Lol.. When this baseless dream seems to be squashed, I unknowingly developed a fixed mindset, hindering my growth. I already described the kind of future I will have in absence of my dream, and trust me it was a ridiculous description. But thank God I was able to defeat such ignorance, I began to understand that my past doesn‘t define my future. I embraced knowledge, I began to immerse myself in continues learning and acquisition of skills… TODAY? HERE I AM; A mind development coach, an author, an influencer, the founder of the Merkurius LLC, The host of the SMART ART SHOW PODCAST, a podcast on life of significance and personal development.

The mindset diets are the things you feed your mind, the things your conscious mind picks up daily and feed your subconscious. Note this; your subconscious mind has its in-built creative abilities, so we need to be more careful on what we feed the conscious mind because that’s where the subconscious mind draws from. The subconscious mind works with the infinite intelligence to bring into reality what the conscious mind focuses on the most. So today be very intentional what you focus on the most, bearing in mind that, there’s a creative ability inside you ready and eager to bring such focus into reality.

Feed your mind with light(The word of God) and positivity, feed your mind with attitude of continues learning, feed your mind with solution-oriented mentality, feed your mind with the basic principles, and moral values of life, feed your mind with humanly possible unconditional love towards mankind, (I said humanly possible because it’s only God that can offer pure unconditional love) feed your mind with a sense of purpose, feed your mind with the sense of service over rewards, feed your mind with the attitude of doing not just hearing… These are the mindset balanced diet which will ensure you get the important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep your mind and life healthy, strong and successful..

I will end on this note; eating a healthy diet both for the mind and body is a CHOICE, it is not for a selected few, or the privileged. It’s just a matter of DECISION, You can make that decision right here and now. And if you feel you need someone to talk to about all this, we are here for you; 301 532 6632.

website; https://merkuriusmind.com

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I wish you the very best Christmas, You are the reason for the season.. HAVE FUN BUT STAY SAFE..

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