The popular saying that people know you more than you know yourself, is not necessarily true when it comes to your inner self. But it is true when it comes to your physical self. Nobody has the capacity to see your soul. The only two people that has the ability to see your soul is your creator (God) and you.

Some people may have some special connections with you, some people may connect to your soul in a certain way that will make it seem like they know all about you. But the only person that truly know you is YOU. This is the reason why any great parent, friend, coach, or teacher don’t assume they know you. They always ask questions and truly listen to your answers, and then observe you; your posture, your gesture, and your feelings. But all these doesn’t still mean they truly know you.

I know most of you reading this will be wondering; HOW CAN YOU MIRROR YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS?

Now we know that people often classify you or treat you according to their perception of you through their judgement of your countenance or physical appearance. Sometimes they will accord you more, in so many other cases they may accord you less. But here is the good thing; when you stand in the mirror, you see yourself exactly how people will see you physically. Whoever you see in the mirror is who people will see when they look at you. This means you have every opportunity to change who you want people to see. So if you don’t like the expression on your face, you can do something about it, if you don’t like what you are wearing you can change it, if you don’t like your posture, you can change it as well.

This is the real juice; read it carefully! Now when you look yourself in the mirror; this is the advantage–> You don’t only know thy inner self, but you now see and know your physical self, you dress the way you want to be addressed. This means; when you come across any individual, you already have your mental and physical strength in view and intact. You already know how they see you physically and that’s an advantage. Another thing that happens is; when you look yourself in the mirror, the image you see is registered in your consciousness and your brain, thus making it difficult if not impossible to be manipulated by another. And your confidence will keep rising day by day.

When it comes to your success in life, confidence is very necessary. Believe this or not, there’s a level of confidence you build when you talk to yourself everyday before a mirror. There have been many testimonials, including myself related to this fact. When you develop the habit of talking to yourself daily in the mirror, declaring some affirmations, it can be some bible verse that resonates with you, it can be your own statement , etc… This will create certain awareness of a new identity. There are certain things to note when doing this; You need to look yourself straight in the eyes when speaking, like you are speaking to your soul cause only then can it be registered in your subconscious. You need to assume a confident position; stand erect, heads up, chest out, shoulders back, and position your hips straight. Initially I do this unnoticed and without consciousness, but when I came across CLAUDE M. BRISTOL’s book “The Magic Of Believing”, I understood deeper how this science works and it can work for anybody. Stand in the mirror daily and say your most desirable goals, tell yourself that you must achieve them, and you must find a way. Tell yourself that you have what it takes, that you are capable. Remind yourself how special you are, although without follow up actions those affirmation are just mere words. But doing this sets both your subconscious and your conscious mind at work, thereby prompting you to take proper actions. But I must warn you if you use this science for evil or negativity, there are grievous consequences.

The secret to this science is; speaking to yourself daily in a mirror aligns and collaborates your subconscious and your conscious mind to focus and work together towards your goals. And trust me when your two minds are working together no force can stop them or stop you. God did not create you to be a mediocre, He made you specially that’s why the sun smiles at you everyday. His covenant is still intact and unbroken, so use the power God gave you to be effective and successful in life, make Him proud, so the world would glorify Him through you. THANK YOU!


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