Beliefs play a major role in what you could become in life. Limiting beliefs creates a limited person. When you hear the word limiting beliefs, it doesn’t necessary implies that those beliefs are bad in the actual sense of it. It simple means as you grow in life, there are certain beliefs that you have or had that needs to be vetted in order to discover if they need to be shrank, eliminated or expanded upon. This means those beliefs no longer serves you, it can be harmful or damaging.

We know that most of our beliefs are grounded in emotions, thoughts and life experiences. So limiting beliefs stunt our mental growth and dismiss our unique abilities. The ugly part of this is; Sometimes we don’t even recognize that we have them. Because those beliefs has been embedded in our systems, thereby conforming us to certain experiences and views about life and the world in general. We fail to identify them as limiting beliefs, because it has served us well in the past and created certain comfortable zones around us.


Our son who is 2 yrs and 8 months old, during his potty training, his mom decided to reward him with apple juice whenever he uses the potty. The aim is to get him to start using the potty eventually. Now if this type of act becomes habitual, definitely he will still want rewards in other areas of development, such as; cleaning up his toys, cleaning his room, etc… There is a possibility that he could develop a mindset of doing things only when their is a reward. That could grow to becoming a belief system for him. Now from a kid who apple juice was used to motivate him for development, he could grow to become a reward-driven hungry adult. And as he gets older that kind of belief is harmful, even damaging. Because if he doesn’t get rewards or praise for doing something or work, he will eventually loose interest and wouldn’t give his best any longer. That belief alone has caused him limitations even without him knowing it.

The same thing happens when an individual grow up thinking she is not good enough simply because of an experience in her past. That thought alone has created a belief system in her, and that belief is now a limiting belief because she can’t expand on her unique abilities. She already believe she is not good enough, and that can affect her both in her career, relationship and other aspects.

Most of the times, what we regard as our comfort zone is the zone our limiting beliefs has created for us. Last week we taught on one of the steps to changing your limiting beliefs. Today another step is;


Identifying your limiting beliefs is one major first step in changing them, but during my reasearch, i discovered that people most times do identify those limiting beliefs, but they are scared to revisit the emotions, experiences, events or thoughts that created those beliefs.

And the reason for this is; it is more harder to change a belief than to create them. This is why, Albert Einstein said; “The significant problems we face today can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them”. And Stephen. R. Covey said; “You can’t solve a problem on the superficial level on which they were created. We need a new level, a deeper level of thinking”. You can’t keep scaring away from those events or experiences etc…. it is not a pleasant experience to have, but to gain your breakthrough you have to face your demons and not run from them. Because it will only result in more pains in the future. Most times our breakthrough lies behind that wall.

Trace those emotions, events, or experiences that has created those limiting beliefs, so you can vet them, and determine its validity and then change or replace them. Remember your mind person can only be fruitful when you get rid of those limiting beliefs, only then can you reach your full potential and lead a successful life.

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  • Highly impactful with great illustrations to help the reader master the content easily.

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