The creative nature of women are phenomenal, Women are naturally very creative. I observed that humans in general when it comes to processing life events and affairs in the mind, we have two modes; The child-like mode (mind) and the mature mode (mind). These two modes; I call them the “creative mind” and the “decision mind”. It is very important to understand that in every individual these two minds exist, sometimes one dominates another. When the creative mind dominates the decision mind, that’s when you find so many ideas unattended to, but when the decision mind dominates you find actions and possible results. But the goal is to get these two on equal ratio.

Now when it comes to women, majority of women have the creative mind dominating them, that’s why a woman can multiply things given to them, and even create something out of nothing. But there’s a catch, when it comes to the decision mind, not many women activate that part. A woman can go all in when it comes to an issue that matters to her heart. Like; her kids, parents, husband, siblings, family, love ones, and even a friend. In situations or conditions like this; A woman tend to activate both the creative mind and the decision mind. They become creative, and at the same time resilient and action takers. A woman can do anything just to make sure her child doesn’t go hungry, A woman can do anything to keep a love one. When it comes to the child-like mode which is the creative mind, it has its pros and cons, and it can also be used in a negative way. Some women used theirs in a negative way. But today, am not here to give a deep teaching on the two minds; CREATIVE AND DECISION MIND. I may do that later in the near future because I believe it’s a subject worth visiting that can help both men and women. Note this; finding the balance between these two minds creates magic.

Today am here to appreciate the women in my life, and other amazing women out there. The points I made above is to lay a foundation for us to understand “THE CREATIVE NATURE OF A WOMAN”. Women are created in such a way that the child-like mode(creative mind) always dominates, although many fall short on the maturity mode (decision mind), But when you see a woman that has these two minds activated, they are unstoppable. But many men on the other hand tend to shut down the child-like mode (creative mind) and allow only the decision mind to exist. This is why the old saying goes; “Behind every successful man is a woman”. In this scenario, the woman uses their creative mind to examine and create, the man uses the decision mind to ponder and decide. This statement does not in any way disregard the reality and the possibility of a woman or a man making it on their own. It is not intended in any way to say that a woman can’t make it on her own, or a man can’t make it on his own. This statement is to make us understand three important things;

1. That we both (men and women) need each other in order to sharpen our potentials, grow our natural skills, become better version of ourselves and make the world a better place.

2. That women are naturally blessed with the creative mind, and they should be appreciated and loved not just because of that, but for every other amazing qualities they possess. And their nature as women should be cherished.

3 That men need women as much as women need men, if not more, so let us encourage and promote gender equality both as individuals and as a community.

So today I want to say a special happy women’s day to all the wonderful and amazing women out there making a difference. You deserve more than just a day to be celebrated, you will be celebrated always and everyday. CONTINUE TO BRING LIFE AND JOY INTO THIS WORLD. I LOVE YOU ALL..


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