Growing up I was taught that our greatest enemy lives on the outside, our focus and energy was so much directed toward the outside world that we fail to see the immediate enemy within. We didn’t understand the fact that we are our greatest threat, as much as our greatest asset. We ignorantly adopt ideologies and develop beliefs that empower the negativity in us thereby making us threats to our own existence and success in life.

The tale of the two wolves living inside us is a popular story, but allow me to revisit it for the purpose of this subject.

An old man was with his grandson, and they were having a conversation; “My son, there is an endless battle that goes on inside all of us. It is between two wolves. One wolf is bad — he is anger, envy, regrets, resentment, guilt, arrogance, greed, lies, fear, ego, and limiting beliefs. The other wolf is good — he is happiness, kindness, joy, peace, love, hope, humility, empathy, truth, generosity, serenity, faith, positive energy, compassion and empowering beliefs.”

The inquisitive grandson thought about it and then asked his grandfather, “Since it’s an endless battle between these two wolves, which wolf do you think will win?”

“The old man answered, “The one you feed”..

I will love to point out that feeding of the bad wolf is somewhat automatic, you don’t have to put too much effort to feed it. Feeding the good wolf on the other hand has to be done intentionally and requires effort. Why the enemy within (you can also call it the bad wolf) is not always seen is because we focus so much on what happen to us than what happen in us. Focusing on what happens in us is a task that requires more consciousness and intentionality. Personal growth and development is really a great way to be more aware of what happens in us rather than to us.

It’s one thing to fight an enemy you can see and another to fight one you can not see. The Unseen enemy (bad wolf) is already inside of us waiting to be fed, for it to grow stronger and more destructive. And most times we feed it unknowingly.

I just have a question for us, wouldn’t it be worth it to uncover the unseen enemy, fight it and possibly defeat it, so we can live our best life. But you have to understand that the goal is not to first completely defeat it, the goal is to uncover it first, be aware of what makes it stronger or weaker and then starve it. You might have unintentionally and ignorantly be feeding the unseen enemy and empowering it in the past, but it’s not too late to learn how to starve it.

If you will recall, earlier on I said; ” We are our greatest asset, as well as our greatest threat. So as much as we have this immediate unseen enemy, we still have this immediate powerful unseen friend which is our mindset. What and how we feed it determines how strong it becomes. But it has to be fed intentionally, I can’t emphasize on this enough. The enemy within can be fed unintentionally and automatically, but the friend within can’t.

As I round up this blog, the purpose is to uncover and expose the unseen enemy within, not necessarily on how to defeat it. I hope this blog will help gear your focus toward that direction and bring this enemy to light, so it won’t be hidden anymore. Awareness of this immediate unseen enemy is as important as learning the strategies on how to defeat it.

Thank you again for this opportunity to be able to communicate this with you and thank you for your time. Please stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you!

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