For the past three weeks, we have dwelt and dealt with the issue of limiting beliefs. This topic is so sensitive and important that i can’t just do a slap-dash work on it. In a plain quote; “It is impossible to maximize your full potential and lead a fulfilled life when you are dominated and controlled by your limiting beliefs”.

Some limiting beliefs are as strong as our DNA, it has been embedded in our system that we thought it is almost impossible to get rid of them or change them. Limiting beliefs are under-lying factors that anchor our habits and fashion our views and perspectives of life. They determine the values we portray and most times blinds us to basic and proven principles of life and wellness.

Apostle Paul in the book he wrote to the Romans; chapter 12 and verse 2(a), he said; “And be not conformed to this world; but be transformed by the renewing of your mind“. Limiting beliefs makes us conform to certain ways of life that the world has defined for us. They make us conform to what our past experiences, events, and emotions has detected for us. They block our sight on the possibility of transformation. That is why the great apostle Paul said; “We shouldn’t be conformed to our environment, but desire transformation by renewing our minds”.


By getting rid of the beliefs that has limited us, and adopting new and empowering beliefs; What are the new beliefs to adopt? That you are wonderfully made by God, that you possess within you all that is required to be great, that you are not a mistake, that you are special and unique, that you have the mind of Christ; 1st Cor 2;16, that you have unlimited capacity, that you are not your emotions, or your past; that everyday is a new opportunity to do something great….

The most alarming thing about limiting beliefs is that; they control our everyday approach to life. They control even our physiology; the way our body parts functions. Many may not know this; but it is true. Limiting beliefs doesn’t just affect the mind person, it affects your body. Our brains work like signals, and they are wired to give emotions upper hand and your emotions affects your mood, and your mood affects your body posture, even when you don’t know it. Example; The way your physical body reacts when you are happy is different from when you are sad. When you receive good news it triggers energy in your physiology, but bad news cripples your energy. Both news were given to you through words or letters, but they strike different emotions. Good news strengthens, but bad news depressess you; why is that? It is because both are emotions, and since your emotions determines or controls the state of your physiology, it means whatever controls your emotions, can control your physiology whether good or bad.

In 1954, may 6th, Roger Gilbert Bannister ran a four-minute mile. Precisely it was 3mins and 59.4 seconds. Before then it was never believed that any human can run that fast, in fact the doctors said it is dangerous for any human to run at such speed. And that was the limiting beliefs that shaped every runner then, until Roger got rid of that belief and adopted empowering belief. He started his running career at oxford in 1946, but he broke the record in 1954. So what changed? it was the same Roger, but his belief changed. His belief changed and that affected his physiology positively,he could run faster, he wasn’t given new sets of legs or hands. The same thing happens when we change our physiology. Our body posture signals to our brains.

When you sit, stand or walk up right, with shoulders high and your heads up, it signals strength and confidence to your brain. When you cramp your shoulders, it signals weakness, defeat or disappointment to your brain. So cultivate the habit of using your physiology to change your emotional state. That way you can harness the power of physiology in changing your limiting beliefs.


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  • Thank you for making me understand the Power of ME

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