Naturally the Movement of the wind is unpredictable, you can’t pinpoint where it’s coming from or where it’s going. But this is dissimilar with the wind of life, although sometimes you might not dictate where it’s coming from, but you can decide where it goes.

We have been taught that whatever condition that seems insurmountable in our lives, or whatever condition that have lingered for a while in our lives is our fate. Well am here to challenge that notion, and to tell you that, that is completely untrue. This is another limiting belief that cripples your greatness. Who said is your fate to die poor, or die unhappy? Who said is your fate to live a miserable and unfulfilled life? LISTEN; YOU CREATE YOUR FATE, YOUR FATE DON’T CREATE YOU!

You might not be the creator of the events that happened earlier in your life, but you sure have the power to control how those events affect your future. The wind of life is inevitable, but the direction it goes is completely your decision. It’s either you allow the wind to toss you around or you toss the wind around yourself.

This is why; many will see a situation and call it a problem and others will see same situation and call it an opportunity. The wind of life can’t be stopped from blowing, it’s an illusion to think you can stop the wind of life, Covid -19 is a great example.. But the direction the wind will take you is your decision. Just like I said previously; You have to allow the wind before it can toss you around. It can only do that with your permission.

While growing up, during high school, my father’s business hit a snag. It became worse that he lost everything, the family encountered a serious financial breakdown, I had to drop out of school. My Mom became the bread winner, it was truly tough. The complete story is on my website; “my story section” you can check it out.


The reason for this short story is to let you understand clearer the point am driving. My father’s predicament was one of the wind of life, and was unpredictable, but the direction that wind will take me is completely my decision.

But in order for you to determine your direction, it requires you to build unstoppable mindset, and develop your capabilities. If you want to learn how to build that unstoppable mindset, you can book an appointment with us through our website, to speak to one of our team members


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