Mental Slavery still remains one of the most dangerous, self inflicted disease of our generation. We tend to build walls of excuses around us, we enjoy dwelling among the families of I CAN’T, I COULDN’T, “IF I COULD, I WOULD”, “IF I CAN, I WILL”. We got married, and became so loyal to INEFFECTIVENESS. WHY??? Because we are slaves to our environments, societies, false ideologies, and beliefs. WE LIVE MOST OF OUR LIVES TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING, AND NOT A DIFFERENCE.

Well I have one question for you my friend; but like always the answers to the questions that will change our lives are determined by us, our choice. We are creatures of choice, we have the power to choose. CAN YOU MAKE THIS YEAR, THIS MONTH, THIS WEEK, TODAY, THE DAY OF YOUR MENTAL FREEDOM ?(TRUE FREEDOM). As much as I would love for you to make the right decision, the choice is still yours to make. All I can do is help you through the journey, but you have to decide first. SO WHAT IS YOUR DECISION?

Let me portray some points that can help you make the right decision. Every human has the natural urge to be relevant in life, and our being relevant is determined by our values and contributions to humanity, it doesn’t matter at what scale, larger or smaller scale. And it is well established that one can not grow beyond his or her mindset. Your values and contributions are determined by the level of your mindset, you can’t give what you don’t have. When your mind is in shackles, you can only offer but little or nothing. And do you know what messes most with the human mind? DOING LESS THAN YOU CAN DO, BEING LESS THAN YOU COULD BE, TRYING LESS THAN YOU COULD TRY. IT DAMAGES THE MIND WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU COULD BE MORE AND YOU ARE NOT.. Deep down you know you could be more, but those mental shackles (false beliefs, fears, ideologies, inferiority complex, wrong companies) etc.. has placed limitations on you. But the first truth you should note is; those limitations are self imposed, you let it happen, and you alone can undo it.

I know reading through this blog, your eyes may stumble on something that will enlighten your understanding. Perhaps you might have heard about it before, and didn’t pay attention, or maybe it’s your first time of reading something like this. Whichever way it is, the last thing I want you to feel right now is regret or pity, of the things you have lost or wasted in the past, you have to let it go, it belongs to the past. Whatever you need to become who you want to become is still with you now, remember you are your greatest asset, you just need to focus on it. Those past are parts of what shackled your mind, you need to unshackle it, so we both can embark on this great journey ahead.

Please note these words; for something to happen, it is triggered by a motive. And motives prompts actions, and without sufficient actions and driving force behind your wishes, and dreams, there will be no manifestation. WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THIS YEAR, YOUR YEAR OF ACTIONS..

It will be my utmost privilege to work with you and help you through this amazing journey to your greatness. All you need do is visit our website below, or contact us through the email or phone number below, and we will take it from there.. Again we will be running a five weeks program called; “THE BLUEPRINT TO A LIFE OF SIGNIFICANCEyou will have a chance to work directly with me 3hrs every week for 5weeks. Trust me; it’s going to be a five week that will change the course of your life for better. More informations will be coming soon on how you can sign up for it! please subscribe so you get our latest informations. THANK YOU! until I see you again, remember the motto; LOVE, SERVE, AND INSPIRE.



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