Knowledge is the food that the mind person feeds on. Ignorance is the doom of the mind person. To understand what attracts the mind person, First, you have to understand that what attracts the body is completely different from what attracts the mind person. And when you understand this, you are one-step ahead in building a healthy relationship with the mind person. The body is attracted to comfort, ease, pleasure etc… But the mind person is attracted to challenges, problems, uncertainties etc… Myles Munroe said; “Our minds becomes sharper in adversity”. You might be wondering how true is this? Just read on.

To further explain this, you have to understand this; The brain is not the same thing as your mind. The brain is an organ but the mind isn’t. The brain is like the physical place where the mind resides…. The one reason many people mistake the brain for the mind is; our brains has all the power connections, wiring, storage, memory, and processing power we need to function as human beings. Our brain is like the hardware of our body, while the mind is like the software. It’s the operating system that gathers, stores, and manages information, using the massive processing resources of our brain. So in order for the mind person to pass information that it gathers to your physical body, it has to go through your brain, your brain processes the information first before your body implements it.

Now that you understand this better, back to what attracts the mind person. By now you already have a clear understanding of who the mind person is (refer to last week blog post). The ability for the mind person to dwell in both the unseen realm and the physical realm makes it more intelligent to be trusted. So the mind person is attracted to challenges, uncertainties and adversities etc… because these are like the foods it feeds on, these are what makes it grow and develop, these are what makes it smarter and confident. The Roman Philosopher Seneca said; “It is only through adversity that the great man can be created”. So the ability to become successful or great in life depends on the healthy relationship you cultivate with the mind person by not shying away or succumbing to challenges, uncertainties or problems. So next time you face a challenge or crisis introduce that challenge to your mind and LET YOUR MIND PERSON FACE THE CHALLENGE, NOT YOUR BRAIN, PUT YOUR MIND PERSON TO WORK, ALLOW IT TO GROW and you will enjoy a great relationship with it.

This is very important; In all the knowledge you acquire, always pray to the HOLY SPIRIT to give you the regenerated mind of CHRIST. That is the Ultimate!

Next week blog post, we will deal more on the mind and body relationship and what repels the mind person. STAY TUNED.

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