UNRESPONSIVENESS repels the mind person. LASSITUDE is a dangerous thing when it comes to effectiveness of the mind person. This is what we generally refer to as “Procrastination”. Procrastination repels the mind person, it causes it to loose its sharpness and its ability to broadly conceive things or ideas. Procrastination is like a “Dome” which traps in the mind person thereby cutting its ability to soar to unimaginable heights. There are many other things that repels the mind person like; fear, indecisive, and insensibility to the extreme importance of an idea or innovation. Procrastination, fear to do and fear of the outcome doesn’t just repel the mind person, it attacks it and kills it slowly.

let me make this clear; Our minds don’t experience fear because it is not an organ, it is our brain that experiences fear and anxiety. The mind person is stronger than fear, the reason most of us don’t act when we are afraid is because the mind needs and pass information through and from the brain before our body could implement it. So when your brain is stuck in fear, it affects your mind cause it can’t implement things without the cooperation of the brain. This is very important; when you understand that fear, anxiety, procrastination, lassitude and unresponsiveness repels the mind person. And also understand that these things doesn’t come from your mind but your brain, it gives you an edge in gaining control over them. The mind person doesn’t fear, it only reprobates. And a reprobate mind is a barren mind.

The focus of this week’s blog is to understand fundamentally what repels the mind person, which causes it to become reprobate and barren. Now that you know the core things that repels the mind person. The question is; how do you control those things and get rid of some of it?, because mind you, you can’t get rid of all of it. Especially “fear” because the brain is naturally designed to be precautious, so you only learn how to control,respond and handle it. The thing that helps you gain control over these things is mental immunity and stamina. And you build mental immunity and stamina through mental excellence and richness. Before i go on, i want to give you this quote from Gaius Sallustius Cripus; whose name was anglicised as Sallust for easier English pronunciation. Sallust was a Roman historian and he said; “The renown that riches or beauty confer is fleeting and frail; mental excellence is a splendid and lasting possession”. Take note of this two words; “splendid and lasting”…

If mental immunity and stamina is how you gain control over those factors that repel your mind, and you build mental immunity through mental excellence and richness. The question is; what gives your mind excellence and richness? The answer is; what you feed your mind person determines its richness and excellence. 1st John 4: 18(a) KjV says; There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear; This means when you feed your mind with love, abundance of love, you automatically cause the fear in your brain and body to cease and from ruling you.

Let me allow you to digest this, Next week blog we will dive deep on how to gain control over these factors and some practical steps. STAY TUNED

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